12 yr old granddaughter lying and stealing


Kristal Denise - posted on 04/14/2016




It sounds like u r talking about my granddaughter. The family is at its wits end with this situation. Me and my mom took her for 2 yrs hoping that a mothers love was what she needed.she spent 4 months in foster care while me and my mom went to court to get her back.her fathered had spanked her and left a bruise on her arm.she is mixed .she has had couslers since this whole situation has begun but when she came home with the police from school me and my mom had just about enough in those 2 yrs. I haven't given up on my granddaughter but I hav sickle cell anemia and the stress of this emotional roller coaster had begun to take its toll om my mental and physical well being.she has been back with her dad now for 1 yr and her problems hav not changed. I need to know how to help my son help his daughter. Please our family needs desperate help. There is also a younger child who we r worried about.

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