13 days baby is crying in griping pain. what to do?


Marchette - posted on 10/11/2013




to be honest this can be a challenge for both mom and baby, the first thing to do is try your best to stay calm. If you observe the baby will cry harder and longer if you are tense. Try as best to be relaxed no matter how tired or annoyed you are. This is a test on your patience so try your best to do well. In the mean time you also want to find ways to soothe your baby. If you have a vehicle, take the baby for a ride, you would be surprised at his/her quietness. You could also lay the baby on your chest so that the sound of your heartbeat can comfort him/her and gently rock yourself. Having a rocking chair or other vibrating equipment for the baby can also work. You did not mention the age of your baby but gripe water is available for very young babies. Most times a combination of comforting actions will work faster than just one. I wish you luck. If you have help use it up as well and ensure to get rest when the baby sleeps so that you can have enough enerygy to deal with a crying baby.

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