13 month lil girl is always crying dont know what all i can do to stop it any suggestion??

Megan - posted on 06/20/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




she always wakes up in the middle of the night mutiple times i have no idea what to do im really young and it scares me how much she cries and screams and i dont always know how to help her and she hardly ever sleeps that cannot be healthy


Jenn - posted on 06/20/2011




She is only 13 months old so I do not recommend ignoring her cries. Babies are hard work but they need the comfort and security that holding and soothing provides. Some children are more needy than others, more sensitive and demanding if she is teething, ask your doctor about the right do age of Tylenol to give before bedtime to help her sleep. If she has been crying/screaming for more than a week or so, you might want to take her in to the doctor just for a checkup. A 13 month old can't tell you what is wrong, so you will need to go through a process of elimination to figure out whats going on. Is it only at night? Is she having normal bowel movements and wet diapers? Is her room quiet at night? Too dark? Too light? A baby doesn't scream just to get attention. And if she isn't getting enough sleep,her unhappiness and exhaustion will only continue to escalate. Keep loving on her, soothing her with your words and letting her know you are there for her. Babies are constantly in a phase and this too shall pass!

Tamalyn - posted on 06/20/2011




how has her sleeping been from birth? is this a new thing waking up so much? if you post a bit more specific info then i can try and help.


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Julie Marie - posted on 06/20/2011




I think she might be teething if that is a new thing. Have you been away from home or daily routine? That could be also that. Was she sick and more clingy and now better but got this bad habit? Do you pick her up out of her crib everytime? Has she been sleeping in your bed at birth and recently you switched her to her own bed and room? Could be many things!!! Kids feel it whent you are distress too and don't know what to do. You have to be confident and in control. Give us more infos so we can give you better feedback. I know by experience that the more a baby sleep, the more they will want to sleep. If she cry and it isn't that she is hungry, confort her by putting her back down in a laying position, pat her back, talk to her saying that you are close by but that it is sleepy time. They understand far more than we believe. Walk away, let her cry a bit... 2, 5 minutes, go back in put her down again. Repeat and extend lenght of time between you going back in. If not hunger or pain of course. It will get better. Sometime it is only phases they go through. I have a home daycare and God knows that I've had pretty hard kids in here. Crying doesn't kill... Need to attend, but when not hungry, no pain, not too hot or cold, diaper clean... then let cry a bit before going running in. She scream and will scream louder because it makes you react! They are smart little thing, even so young they figured how to controle US. It is likely that it will get worst before it gets better. Hang in there!!!

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