13 Month Old Bitten Everyday at Daycare

Sharice - posted on 08/23/2016 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son has been bitten almost every other day by the same child sometimes multiple times in one day. They accidently told me that the child was the owners daughter. After me emailing the owner multiple times regarding the situation he last rely was basically blaming my son for being bitten saying the he takes food, toys, tackles (he doesn't even walk yet) and pulls hair causing him to get bitten. Out of all the times which is probably well over 10 times of being bitten in the last two weeks I have only received two incident reports. Also I picked him up and he had a busted lip that no one could explain as well. What should I do?


Dove - posted on 08/24/2016




Agree w/ the other ladies. Toddlers are fast and sneaky, but if the same child is being bitten by the other same child repeatedly... that is severe neglect on the daycare provider's part and he needs pulled from that center immediately and file some sort of official report against the place... Especially if the biter is the owner's son.

I have been dealing w/ toddlers for over 20 years and yes... sometimes a child will get bitten or otherwise attacked (or do the attacking), but you learn rather quickly who the instigators are and if incidents continue to happen... it is the provider's fault, not that of the toddler... because it is the provider's JOB to not only supervise and protect the children... but also teach the instigators a better way. Not necessarily an easy task w/ all little ones, but certainly doable.


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Sarah - posted on 08/24/2016




And I would consider reporting the center to a regulatory agency. Your child could get sick from being bitten; not ok.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/23/2016




Find another daycare immediately. Don't bring him back. Ever. I would definitely investigate the busted lip though.

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