13 month old FREEK OUTS and bitting

Jaisee - posted on 01/17/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi there i need help. i have a 13 month old daughter who is the happiest kid i know BUT she gets in moods at least once a day she gets frustrated with a toy or me when i am doing something and she will get a mean look on her face and bite stuff really hard or she will start banging her head on our hardwood and tile floors or on toys, im not a mom to freak out about much but it is really starting to worry me is this normal? do most kids have freak outs and do this kinda thing? and what would you suggest i do to make her stop and know that this behavior is not ok? thanks for ANY help



Louise - posted on 01/18/2011




This is pretty normal but may be not this often. At 13 months the coordination of a child is not very good so this causes them to get frustrated and lash out. Help her with hand eye coordination by getting her to pick things up and put things in tubs. They find ths fun and will help her to coordinate what her mind and body wants to do. If you are worried about the head banging I advise you to put a play pen up in the roo m and when she starts to get to that point where you think she is going to do it then pick her up and place her in the pen where she is safe. This is only a phase but will last for about 4 months when the body can do what the mind wants it to. Try and squash these tantrums now by using the pen which is an early time out space and hopefully she will realise that lashing out will just get her removed to a safe place. As for the biting then tell her off and place her in the pen, this is more important to deal with because if you want her to go to playgroups they will not accept her if she is a danger to other children.

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