13 month only eats purees - How about your Little Onr?

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Isabella is now 13months and has always been a little bit difficult to feed!

I have gone at her pace ... and she now eats 3 puree meals a day with snacks in between. The quantities are small but you can't force them right!

My worry is most kids are eating themselves by now ... but if I offer her small pieces of food - she may try one or two - but thats it. The only way i can get a satisfactory amount in is by pureeing her meals until smooth. ... if i leave them a bit bumpy - again - she is put off by the 3-4th spoonful ...

she is small - so i feel i need to feed her whatever she will take ... but then i worry i am not helping her progress ...

Is there a plan i could follow on how to get her chewing more - and then maybe she wouldnt get bored/tired after just a few spoons?

I am happy to feed her purees - but i just feel its my job to help her move along ...

She happily eats cheerios, biscuits, rice cakes, breadsticks, chips ... for snacks.

But for a proper meal - if i gave her rice, small pieces of chicken, bread, or veggies - she would only eat a few pieces ... hence i dont do this ... for main meals i giver her puree home cooked meals.

Is this bad?


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Chrystal - posted on 02/21/2012




I've got an 8 month old girl and 19 month old boy. My girl eats some finger foods (cheerios, soft fruit, soft veg) and has started with more textured purees but she doesn't have teeth yet so I still keep it pretty smooth. My son never really liked baby food so he went almost straight to table food. But around one he developed this preference for pureed veggies like he would eat a serving of carrots if I pureed it but if it was just cut up he wouldn't eat hardly any. What I did was first try all the different versions of the veg (fresh, frozen, canned) to see if he just didn't like how it was served and that worked for peas he just didn't like frozen peas I guess cause he eats canned just fine. But for some that didn't work so I combine veggies like when I make stir fry I know he likes snow peas and bell peppers so they are always the main veg on his plate but I also put on a little broccoli so that what ever veg he's having issue with is there to try but I'm not worried he's not getting enough nutrition and that's worked for him he eats most everything at this point. Maybe change your focus a little instead of working on getting her to eat table food work on her feeding herself the pureed foods it's messy but feeding herself is still a skill she needs to learn so maybe right now work on that and then in a little while go back to the more texture thing and maybe the fun of feeding herself will distract her from the new textures. Hope that helps a little you're giving her healthy food which I think in the end is what really matters the rest is just details.

Ianina - posted on 02/21/2012




My twins are 9 month old and they don't eat purees anymore.

They need to get used to new textures, otherwise you will have to puree all of her foods all the time.

My sugestion is that you start giving her little pieces. If she only takes 3, let her only take 3...but don't give up. If she eats cheerios and chips, she is ready for solids and not purees.

Just hang in there and keep offering solids in little pieces

Katherine - posted on 02/21/2012




At 13 months she should be eating table food. No matter the quantity. Mine started at 10 months. Chips are not a healthy snack. Offer her many different things. Do NOT puree anymore! She is 13 months old. She should eat what you eat.

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