13 year be allowed to go out alone with friends?


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Ev - posted on 05/20/2014




When I grew up I would ask to do the things the kids at school would do. I got told no because I was not those kids. Kids today think that they should be doing everything the others do and when some parents do tell them no they end up backing off because the kid tosses a fit like a 2 year old to get his or her way. I was not allowed to act that way or I would have been in trouble for doing so. When my kids were 13, they were not allowed to go wandering around even a supercenter store alone or with a few other kids. There is too much trouble for kids to get into even in a store like that. If the child is mature that is one thing and can show to be responsible but that does not make the rest of the kids that way and if they go running the mall and so on, they do get into trouble or some of them might come up with something. As was said in the previous post, drop off and pick up from certain events but not to run a mall or the park or whatever. They are not thinking about the problems that could arise much less any emergency. I was never allowed to run either and I did not do a lot of what the other kids did because my parents did not think it was appropriate or did not have the money to do the things we were wanting to do. You are the parent. If you feel its not a wise idea to do this then tell her she is not old enough to go out like that and what it could lead to. Give her some valid reasons not just because I said so.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/20/2014




And if her friends parents allow them to jump off a bridge, is she going to want to as well?

Set your limits in your home. If you don't feel she's ready to be out 'alone' in a group, no big deal.

at 13, my kids were allowed to be dropped off/picked up at activities (theater, dances, etc), but not allowed to run amok by themselves.

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