13 year old daughter.....boys, freedo.....I'm freaking out!

Shelley - posted on 06/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




13 year old daughter....boys, freedom.......I'm freaking out inside! My daughter will be 14 in 2 months. She really likes this boy that is 15. I just started letting her go to the movies with friends, no chaperone a few months ago. We have a good relationship, we talk a lot. However, recently since liking this boy, she is trying to hide things from me because she is afraid my husband and I will say no. For example, she wanted to go to movie with a bunch of friends but failed to let us know that the boy was going to. I was somewhat of a wild child, so I'm freaking out because I have worked so hard to raise a smart daughter. Any advise? Oh and on top of that, I have 7 month old triplets!!!!! :)


Jodi - posted on 06/17/2013




I don't see any harm in her going to the movies with friends and this boy being with them. She is with a group. My son did much the same thing when he was about that age - had a girl he like with him when he went to the movies with friends. It was all perfectly okay, and still is. He is now almost 16 and will take a girl to the movies on his own now, but at the time, he really didn't WANT to be alone with the girl because he was absolutely terrified!!!

Just discuss with her that you are disappointed that she felt she had to hide it, but that you are okay with her including a boy on her outings with friends, as long as they stay together as a group.

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