13 year old Grandson, Snuck out last night!

Patty - posted on 03/01/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Without going into a long explanation, we have our Grandson 13, who is living with us. He has moved in in order to go to a better school to get him into the High School that he wants to go to, thus the main reason for him here.
This weekend, he went disobeyed me in being home at a certain time and came home 1/2 hour late, according to him, his phone died and he wasn't watching the time. Last night my husband had to work at midnight, we found he had snuck out of the house, he came in through the back door stating that he was just in the backyard. (Wasn't born yesterday)
So what punishment fits this crime and with his Mom living only 5 miles from me how do I go about disciplining my Grandson?
This boy is crying out for help as I see it, and sometimes it comes in the form of acting out. I have decided that he will no longer have a phone, and the least amount of time it will be taken away is 1 month. The computer is only to be used in front of us for homework, the phone privileges will be house phone only, not in his room.
He must work on his Self Respect in order to get my respect back. It's not going to happen over night, but his work is going to be learning to respect himself and learning that living here is a privilege, not a right. He is to learn to be the best person he can be, that is his job for his punishment. If he is to amount to anything in life and be a responsible adult, he must learn to love himself and with that comes respect for himself. If he doesn't have that, he will fail and I am not ready to let that happen.

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