13 year old poops self. What's wrong?

Nicole - posted on 07/21/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




After taking Jackson to multiple doctors and a psychiatrist, I still don't know what's wrong! About two months ago I noticed a pair of soiled underwear in our garbage can. Poop smeared all over, indicating it was sat in. Strange, but I figured Jason had an accident and was probably embarrassed. I let it go and ignored it. A few days later, however, the same thing. I casually asked Jason at dinner that night if he was feeling okay lately. He responded with a yes, so I let it go again. But, when there was another pair of soiled underwear in the trash, I took action. I went to Jason's room and came right out and asked why he had been pooping himself. He said he didn't know (somewhat timidly). I told him to make sure it stopped, as he was now missing anywhere from 6 to ten pairs of underwear, indicating that this had been happening for a little while. The very next day, went to his room after hearing a groan. Thinking he was sick, I walked in and was about to ask what was wrong, when I saw him standing wearing nothing but underwear. He went to grab his clothes, and I noticed a huge bulge in the rear of his pants. He had pooped them. After a long talk, I came to realize he had started doing this with just toilet paper. As in, pooping on the paper and sitting in it. But, he recently started using underwear. He said he liked it and didn't think anything was wrong with it. What is wrong with my son?


Dove - posted on 07/21/2016




No clue, but no 13 year old is going to do this w/out a physical, mental, or emotional issue at play. If the medical doctors have ruled out everything... keep taking him to the psychiatrist until they get to the bottom of it. No psychiatrist worth their degree is going to just let this issue go and tell you they don't know what is wrong... as they would know there is a problem w/ it and help both of you.

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