13 year old sexting?

Angela - posted on 11/03/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Last year when my daughter was 12, when she started 7th grade she started sexting, borrowing her friends cell phones at school, taking her friends cell phones to the school bathroom or using her friends cell phones at the changing room (for gym), to take nude photos of herself and send it to her friends, and post it on the internet. I complained to the school, then the district, then the board of education, they did nothing. I sat her by the computer told her she will stay there until she logs on to the websites and deletes the photos and she sat there all weekend without deleting the photos. I grounder her, that didn't help, so I started taking away more privileges. It got to the point where I took everything out of her room except a mattress and a blanket, and a few simple clothes, she hasn't stopped. She just sat in the same place all day for 7 months and still she didn't stop. In march I decided to take her to counseling and she kept insisting to the counselor she can do what ever she wants she will continue to do this and she has the right to do this because I don't pay for the phone. She went to summer school because she did poorly in school and was sexting all summer. I complained to the police and they said in order for the images to be considered child pornography they must depict a sexual act (i.e. having sex, masturbating) but that was not the case. Approximately 10 days ago she was arrested for an incident relating to a nude photo of her friend and spent 3 days in juvie while an investigation was pending. They released her to me and she still hasn't stopped. When I Google her full name many inappropriate photos (or links to them) appear in the results.


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[momoftwo] - posted on 11/03/2013




I know this may sound a bit crazy and I don't mean this in an insulting way but is there any way she was raped/molested? I am sorry I dont want to worry or offend at all but sometimes that is a sign. Or maybe she is just going through a puberty thing and wants to explore her body but is doing it in an inappropriate way.
Is her father still in her life as well? That could be another issue, a lot of the time it could be an attention thing.
You're a good mom for trying to get her help, hopefully she will realize that beauty is on the inside and you only attract the wrong attention by putting naked photos of yourself online or by sending them to people.

Nicole - posted on 11/03/2013




That is still considered pornography. Have the police tell her what can happen to her if she doesn't stop. Try to google scared straight and contact a prison and have your daughter talk to the women in there that has done the same thing and got caught.

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