13 year old step daughter is stealing, hoarding food

Jennifer - posted on 11/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 13 yr old step daughter has been stealing food from grocery stores and hiding them in her closet, and eating them in private. I first discovered her in her closet eating a box of yogurt covered raisens she said her mother had bought her. After looking further, we found a box of "food" hidden in her closet. Tubs and tubes of cake frosting, krackle for ice cream and premixed cake batter. All were half eaten. We then found out she had also done the same thing at her mothers house, but where never told. My step daughter is over weight and we provide her healthly foods too eat, however now it's obvious why she continues to gain weight. We have had problems also with online chatting with men, her grades are horrible, she lies to us and seems not to have concern of her actions or the consequences of any of these actions. She has been seeing a therapist for several years..we are at our wits end. Has anyone experienced similar situation?


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I hate to say it, but it sounds like this girl may be having some kind of problem that noone is unaware of to have this act. But if it keeps going on..maybe she needs to get caught and be sent to a reform school or boot camp for girls.. that will straighten her out.. I have heard of alot of rebellion out of children and they were sent to a boot camp for about 3-6 months and came out with a totally different attitude. It was yes mam, no mam, yes sir, no sir..that kind of thing. never gave anymore trouble. The thing is, if it don't get under control now, this stealing and all can lead to bigger things, then she will get jail time and who knows what will happen after that.Or if you find out that she has stole something, make her go back to the store that you know she stole it from..( go with her) and make her hand it to the manager and let them know she has stolen..it just might change it and make her feel totally embarresse. my neice one time stole a ball..she was younger , but she was made to take it back and hand it to the manager..she neve did it again.

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