13 yr old being bullied and now won't go to school

B - posted on 04/11/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 13 yr old is being bullied and now refuses to go to school. We have talked with the school but because my son doesnt know the names of the 2 kids not much they can do much until it happens and can catch it on the security camera. However, since he won't go to school it is making it very difficult. Now seeing a counselor. Has anyone else dealt with this? how did you handle it or what did you do? I am very supportive . Thank you for any tips.


Patricia - posted on 04/14/2016




1st and foremost is to always take bullying as a serious issue. You have to be a real bitch, and tell that school, not good enough. Next time my child is harrassed in any way? I'm calling in the Police. Too many kids comitt suicide because bullying. That's how serious it is. In our School district, they already know i will not tolerate bullying. Not trying to scare you, but to inform you of the seriousness. You did the right thing, just don't let anyone take it lightly. Two kids took their own life in our high school, and now they stepped things up. Wait for the cameras, until we see it with our own eyes? NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Our kids want to go to school in peace, it's their right. Recruit one of the popular seniors to walk around school with your child. The counselor can arrange it.

Sarah - posted on 04/11/2016




He needs to go back to school. Period. Avoiding the bullies will only make him a greater target. The school can provide a security guard in the hall during passing sessions, and your child can signal when he recognizes his assailants. To hide will not help nor bring justice to the bullies.


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