13 Yr Old bra troubles! Help!

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My 13 yr old daughter has a C cup and doesn't fit into the bras in the children section anymore. We have just been getting nude bras with no push up but lightly lined for modesty, just so nothing shows. Now she wants to get some of the bras that I would say would be considered more lingerie, She keeps bugging me. She wants the bras that are dark, lacey, push up that adds 2 cup sizes, and bras that will create cleavage. I mean she is only 13! Why would she want these types of bras? Over 16 would be fine but I don't think it's appropriate now. Any opinions or advice would be a great help to me :) Thank you!


Sarah - posted on 08/23/2015




I think if she want to have pretty undergarments, that is ok. Push up and padded bras are more for adults. Gently reinforce modesty standards and take her to a department store for a proper fitting. Once you are sure of her size, then let her choose between a few options. You want her feeling good about herself from the inside not from a reaction she may get from boys.

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