13 Yr Old Son's GF Wants to Have Sex with Him!!!!

Elizabeth - posted on 12/15/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son had never kissed a girl before he started dating this new girl less than a month ago. My husband read my son's text messages, which we said we would never do, and found out she is texting him things like "I want to feel you between my legs" and "when you kissed me I wanted to have sex with you right then and there." How can we confront him on this? I do not think it is right to read his text messages, but I also do not think he is mature enough for this relationship! His response to her texts were vague, like "I can't wait until we're 16" etc. What do I do? Part of me wants to call them both out and even get her mom involved. I am afraid to let him know that we read his texts though because I do not want to lose his trust. PLEASE HELP!


Mommabird - posted on 12/16/2014




Kids nowadays are growing up alot faster than our generation did...Im 43. Then you have parents who dont have filters on their mouths and their young children pick up everything they say, and have to translate it for themselves because the parents dont take time to explain anything to them. Our daughter is only 10 1/2 but I feel pretty confident she will feel comfortable asking me questions and for advice when puberty comes along. My plan is to be prepared and ready for the boyfriend stage and hopefully it will be easier. In my opinion it is VERY important to be involved parents when kids start having bf/gf's. Get to know the bf/gf and their parents. Dont scare them into keeping secrets from you, but yet dont be too stand-off-ish that they think you dont care what they do. Be an informative but supportive parent so there is trust between you and them.

Michelle - posted on 12/15/2014




How about you have the talk with him just in general rather than confronting him about the texts. Let him know that he should only have sex when HE feels he is ready and not before. Let him know that if he feels pressured at all that's ok to say no. Also tell him that if a girl says no it means no as well.
Remind him that there is a legal age for a reason and a sexual relationship isn't something that can be taken back. Let him know that he should make sure he is doing it for the right reasons, not to make someone else happy.


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Rachel - posted on 12/17/2014




Holy Toledo.
I would not only talk to your son about it (because he is 13 and you have every right in the world to read his text messages) but I would also call this girls parents. I know there are parents out there that do not care or might even encourage trashy behavior but I would think that the majority of people would be very disappointed to hear that their daughter was talking like a whooarrr.

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