13yr old having sex via facebook messenger, help!

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I am not a mom but have to act like one for my niece. Her and her brother use my iPad when they come over and she has her Facebook account on it.
After they left yesterday I went to see if the ipad was still on and was going to turn it off and charge it. When I hit the home button there were a lot of FB notifications and one word just happened to catch my eye....sex. I freaked out and immediately opened her account. What I found was so disturbing and shocking I cant even take it.
She has her profile age as 19 and she has been friending random men who are 26 and older then messages them because she is lonely. These men then basically have messenger sex with her! Some of the guys know she is only 13 because she ended up telling them. Within a couple days of talkng to these guys they tell her they love her. These profiles are all Anime weird stuff and they seem extremely fake.
I am mortified at the amount of men on facebook targeting young girls and I want to call the cops.
I have no idea how to talk to her about this or even how to help her.
I was thinking of giving her two options:
1) Delete everything from her profile and then deactivate her acct until I feel she is responsible and old enough to have it again.
2) Delete all contacts she does not personally know, block all contacts she has had inappropriate conversations with, update profile with correct info, and I will have her password to monitor.
I am not a fan of Facebook myself so I think 1 is the best option.
Option 2 doesnt seem like the best idea because I dont want to be "that type of parent/aunt" that is constantly watching everything she does, I dont think that is healthy.
Please give me some advice, I am so worried for her future and I want to approach this situation as delicate as possible.


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Michelle - posted on 04/26/2016




So she uses your iPad when she comes over, where does she usually live? Where are her parents? What are they doing about it?
It's illegal what she is doing and she needs to be told that.

Raye - posted on 04/25/2016




What do her parents say about it? If they are not aware, and if they're not monitoring her phone/internet/tablet usage at home, they definitely need to be. If she takes a picture of herself naked and sends it to any of these guys, that is called "distribution of child porn" and is a FELONY. You can't be shy about keeping her in line with technology usage. She needs to learn responsibility before she can be trusted.

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