14 and gave birth to twins on September 7 (need pointers)

Maria - posted on 09/20/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm 14 years old and on September 7 my birthday I just gave birth to twin girls Lada and Marianna
They are both healthy Lada 5lbs 6oz and Marianna 5lbs 4oz which the doctor said was a good size for twins for someone my size 110 lb i'm taking off school for the next week and I'm being homeschooled for the next year so I can get my babies started well plus I wanted to breast-feed them I also cosleep I don't want to hear any heater comments on that either because my two girls sleep the best when they're in my arms tomorrow I get to check out of the hospital I have a great boyfriend he's been with me for two years my mom is very supportive and so is my father my mom gave birth when she was 16 with my brother and has been with my dad ever since then went to college and became a doctor even with a baby. Anyway my babies have been gaining about an oz to a half an ounce every day oh and Lada was 17 in and Marianna was 16 and 1/1 in if anybody has any pointers or any similar experiences of having a child at a young age please tell your stories and experiences I would love to hear it thank you !!!!!!


Stephanie - posted on 09/20/2014




I am happy to hear that you have your parents support. I will pray for you and your family. I am glad that your girls are healthy and that you are breast feeding. That is wonderful for a mother of your age. One suggestion i do have; please use birth control. it sounds like you have a beautiful family already. Best of Luck!


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Dove - posted on 09/20/2014




Good luck... you're going to need it.

I don't mean that in a bad way, but twins are rough under the best of circumstances. Being a child yourself still... all I can do is wish you luck.

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