14 month old-recurring RSV and ear infections. Argh!

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So frustrated with my daughters continued sickness. She has been suffering from sinus infections and bad chest congestion/ wheezing. Today I took her in for more symptoms and now it's another ear infection! Ugh! I am a full time teacher so she has to be at a private babysitters house-but I hate that she is not recovering from this 100%.

She goes on an antibiotic for 10 days -sounds much improved-and boom!- 2-3 days later it's back. Doc says it's just how it has to be since she's in a day care setting but I'm feeling so guilty. Plus she cannot be on antibiotics for the rest of her life...

I just put her to bed and I can hear her coughing and wheezing-and I know her ear is bothering her. How do I comfort her and help her get over this ? I have to work but this cold/flu season is kicking her butt!

Any support...??


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Jane - posted on 01/16/2012




You might see if you can talk her doctor into doing a blood test for immune deficiency. My daughter does not make two of the five immune globulins so she caught a cold at four months and kept it for 2 1/2 years. When they put her on antibiotics it was generally for a month at a time. She also had tubes put in her ears so we could keep her constant ear infections from damaging her hearing. A lot of kids who are missing one or more of the immune globulins start making them as their systems mature, but some, like my daughter, do not.

Information on this type of deficiency can be found at http://www.immunedisease.com/about-pi/ty...

Tina - posted on 01/16/2012




I know it sucks. I was a bad one for getting sick like that too. Try keeping her rugged up all the time. Try to get her to wear beanies on her head to try and keep the cold from her ears. Try to work together with the sitter to come up with ways to help her. She can help by keeping her home warm keeping her home as dust free as possible. Be aware that even house hold fragrances and perfume could also be a problem for her. It will be really hard to keep her from getting sick especially in a day care setting but. I'm sure their is also natural ways of helping her battle infections as well.

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