14 Month old son and 19 year old Mother trying to make it work

Faith Elizabeth - posted on 12/27/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Okay. There's a lot to cover for my situation, so please bear with me.

Hey circle of moms! I decided to join this group so I could have some good role models, and figure out how to raise this monster of mine!

Logan is my 14 month old son, and he is incredibly smart. I'm 19, and a stay at home mom for now.

Anyway, I need different things to do with my son. Right now our living situation is really tough.. living in 1 room with 2 dogs, Logan, myself and my boyfriend. The house is shared with other people which makes it hard to let my son out of the room to do things, like play or explore. So I usually take him outside with me so he can play with his toys without being in other people's stuff, which was working fine but now he wants to explore EVERYTHING. My boyfriend and I are looking for a place for now so this isn't permanent, but it really makes it hard to cope with life around everyone and my son.

I feel bad because the only ''safe'' place for him is in his play pen, and he's learned how to crawl out of that too!! The room isn't even close to baby proofed for him.. the floor is originally disgusting and it took me hours and hours of scrubbing just to get it semi clean. My boyfriend is very picky about the floor being clean and our son being on it, which is good! But makes my life difficult.

Most of our days are spent in this room, and I'll try to bring him to the bed and play, but he knows he's limited which makes him push me and test mine and my BF's patience to the MAX!! I understand he's a toddler, but I'm not sure how to make it better without harsh discipline like I had when I was younger - Which I really don't want to do, but its the only thing I can resort to right now!

I love him to death, belieeeve me. But now when he wants something he screams at the top of his lungs to get my attention, which leaves me standing by the play pen waiting for him to calm down, and me telling him he's okay, and everything's going to be fine, which sometimes makes him scream louder! I don't know what to do with myself other than become very agitated, depressed, trapped, suffocated, and chained to his every move or motion. What should I do? Anything that could help us out would be awesome!!

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