14 y/o stalked by guy she met online?????

Daphne - posted on 11/11/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




my 14/yo came home todayand told me that there ure 3 men that is stalkin her she met thru the internet she met in person at 1st i didnt belyeive her but someons called my landline and reciterd our address sayng he is gonna kill us and my daughter told me she uses other kids cell phone at school lubch n we logged on 2 see and i was very angey she borrowed a cetll phone from otherr kids at school and she used the internet at lunch (they allow cwll pnones) and she went on websutes i never allowed her to go on at home she created intant messaging & omegle & chat roulette & she had men in ther 40's n 50's n they ask 4 her addressd and they wanted to meet her and she did she also said she snuck a cvell phoen to the bathroom fewtimea took a nude photo and send it to these scumbagz i never thought this woulkd have jhappnd because our computer is in the dining room since im constantly in the dining room n it password protected olty i and her father can log her on n im always behind her i think shes going to do this again but i have to send her 2 school she missed so many days due to illnesses and last yr and n we had dss investigate us n i hav complained to the school n they do nothing switching schools private charter public doesnt help but imafraid this will happen again what to do please helph mme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Michelle - posted on 11/11/2012




I agree with Little Miss. Tell the police and show then the profiles of these guys. Make sure her friends parents know what their daughter is doing with her phone and let the school know.

Our school has a policy where if any child brings a phone to school they have to hand it to their teacher for the day and will only get it back at the end of the day.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/11/2012




First of all, contact the police and tell them what is going on. Something very bad will happen to your daughter if you do not report this. Then involve the school and tell them exactly how she contacted them at school. Tell the parents of the girls phone she supposedly used, cause the police will want to take a look at it to see who she was tlaking with. Get all over this. Good luck.

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