14 year daughter has loser girl friends

Pat - posted on 04/24/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I want my daughter to have more normal, popular friends. She is on the lowest rung of the social ladder, all her friends have obvious issues: mentally handicapped, ADHD, gay, fat etc. When we moved here just before 4th grade she knew one neighbor girl who was going to be in her class. The first day of school not knowing anyone but this girl my daughter asks if she can join her and her friends at lunch and they say no so she goes and sits at a table by herself. She has tried to start conversations with other girls who either ignore her or give one word answers. A new girl moved in across the street who ended up being her grade level and my daughter invited her to sit with her and her friends at lunch which she did briefly then said she wasn't comfortable with the friends. This person no longer talks to my daughter at the school bus stop in the morning now my daughter wants to be driven to school to avoid her. Should I approach the mom? I told my daughter to talk to the more socially successful girls but she's tired of their rejection. The school counselor and teachers excuse the girls rejection by saying its because
the other girls grew up together. I think my daughter is getting rejected because she is not beautiful (glasses, acne, short). We
buy her clothes so she can at least fit in that way (she is a modest girl and won't wear the booty shorts the popular swear). I feel bad that I want her to have normal friends but can't help it. I took her and 2 friends to the mall to hang out and the friends (one gay one ADHD ) couldn't even grasp the concept. She plays competitive tennis but the same kinds of girls are there too - rich kids who judge people on looks.


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Gena - posted on 04/25/2015




Like I have responded to the same post you have sent multiple times. YOU can learn from your daughter! I also hope she doesn't grow up to be like you!

Michelle - posted on 04/25/2015




Stop being so judgmental!!!!
You are a horrible person and shouldn't be forcing your child to be friends with nasty people like you.
Let your daughter make her own friends, stop interfering and judging others. It's a very nasty trait to have.
Hopefully your daughter won't grow up to be judgmental like you.

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