14 year old Daughter about to lose my mind

Paula - posted on 05/20/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Our 14 year almost 15 year old daughter got caught taking pictures of her self naked and sending to boys and I have to keep telling myself orange is not my color because I want to pull her apart because I have not raised her this way. I need help I don't know why she is doing this and I and her dad have been together for 21 years and never apart. I don't understand where we went wrong we give her all types of technology to reward her good grades but now it has all changed. Is there anyone that can help me understand what I can do to help change this path she is on. We love her and don't want to see her end up pregnant and alone.


~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/21/2015




Take away her cell phone. Make sure she does not have access to a computer in her room. It should be in a community area where everyone can see what she is doing. Talk to her about how this can effect her entire life. Talk to her about sex, and safety and her body.

Ev - posted on 05/20/2015




Part of the problem has been you have given her the technology for rewards for good grades and sounds like you give her anything she wants. Did you ever set rules for the technology? Did you ever stop to check what she was doing with it? Just because she is a teen but not yet 18 does not mean you do not keep an eye on her actions. YOU will be held responsible for her actions. But this goes beyond just taking pics and sending them to boys. SHe could get in trouble with the law as that is considered child porn. The boys would also be in trouble for the same issue. You need to sit her down and have a long conversation on the appropriate uses of technology, what can happen once pictures like that are out on the net with the law and in the future for jobs, colleges, etc that won't accept her because of that, and what other people will think of her. THen take away all the tech and only to be used in your presence and watching what she does.

Wild - posted on 05/20/2015




She needs to take responsibility for her actions. Ask her what she thinks should happen now. She needs to feel loved. Ask her what you can do to help her feel the love you have for her. Tell her how precious she is, but now those boys think she is cheap. Maybe she will want to change schools now that those pictures are permanently everywhere.

Two simple things I used while parenting that always worked, not matter what age: Boundaries and Consequences



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