140.00 dollars doesn't really go far when feeding a family of five. I'm looking for cheap meal ideas that will never fail


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Gena - posted on 09/22/2013




Spaghetti is a great not expensiv meal. I dont know the price of meat where you live but it could help if you see that mince is on special to buy a couple and freeze it. i found frozen chicken wings at a store for a very good price. I like to make chicken spaghetti with them.If you like i can send you the recipe. Cottagepie can also be cheap if the mince wasnt expensiv. Making your own bread can also save money (and is much yummier) . Curried eggs with rice isnt expensiv. Do they sell half price where you live? Here they sell meat/milk products halfprice if it must be used on the same or next day..i know a family that always goes an hour before shops close to buy half price meat and they freeze it.I would also do that if we had a big freezer. Also with other items you can save money, toothpaste,papertowels,cleaning stuff,shampoo etc..buy them when they are on special. I watched something interesting about people couponing in america,we dont have that here but i started keeping my eyes open at the store for special bargains. We are lucky with our financials but i mean why pay more if you can save with bargains.
I would also have a great recipe for a minestrone soup.Let me know if i should send it.

Kathleen - posted on 09/22/2013




Have you tried growing vegetables in your yard if you have one. That will stretch the budget. Tomatoes seem the easiest to grow and during peak season they really can produce a lot of tomatoes. You can make great BLT sandwiches. You can make a filling dinner salad with just the addition of a head of lettuce. You can make your own salad dressing with just olive oil and vinegar to save money and to complete a cheap meal you can make great spaghetti sauce and serve spaghetti. To add some protein just add a small amount of ground beef to the spaghetti sauce. Of course if you grow other vegetables you can add some of them to the sauce and/or the salad.

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