15 month old will not sleep through the night!! HELP!!?

LISA - posted on 09/22/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




MY 15mth old DD will not sleep through the night. She goes to bed at 7pm because she is tired but not over tired. takes a sippy of milk with her ( a recent attempt to solve the issue). She goes to bed just fine with very little fussing but come about 9-11 pm somewhere in there she wakes up and will stay up for HOURS. I mean 2-4 hours which lately has kicked off at 12am and have lasted till 3/4am. I can give her a sippy or cereal bottle and she still refuses to sleep. I have tried the cry it out and the time never shortens that she cries. She has a night light and a sound maker (rain noise). She sleeps in a crib with a lovies,paci and a blankey. regardless of what we try it never helps. We live in a 2 bedroom small house and have a son who has his own room so she shared with us... but we have even resorted to removing our dining room table and sleeping in our kitchen thinking we might be waking her. I almost seems to have gotten worse. It all started with trying to get her to cut out night time feedings and now all she does is cry for hours no matter what. This happens almost every night and it wakes my 4 year old son and makes everyone so tired all the time. DD's energy through out the day is happy and playful, constantly moving.


7:30-9 AM waking and sippy milk

9-10AM breakfast

11/12PM one to two hour nap

1-2pm lunch

5:30/6pm dinner

6:45pm change into night clothes and diaper, make sippy of milk/cereal bottle, bath

7/7:15pm Bedtime laid down with sippy,lovies,paci,and blankey tired but not too tired goes straight to sleep

anywhere from 9-12am she wakes and crys for 2-4 hours

goes to sleep after crying

ANY HELP OR SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE NICE. I plan to take her to the doctor though she seems fine but maybe they could recommend something different. The cry it out method is not working and has only made it worse. oh and I check in on her every 15-20 minutes during her crying.


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LISA - posted on 09/22/2012




Thanks Dove. We don't have the space in our bed to co-sleep, and she refuses to really sleep with us anyways, even with us in the same room ,she did the same thing. at least she is almost 1.5 so that leaves 6 more months or so if she is like your baby :-/

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