15 months n still using a bottle =/

Nelly - posted on 09/10/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




my son is 15months n still using the bottle. i've tried everything bt he jst wont leave the bottle. he throws all the cups n sippy cups away n cries for the bottle until he gets it. is this ok? are there any harmful effects? any advice on wat to do so that he can leave the bottle? thanx much! =)

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Blackwood - posted on 05/23/2011




My son is 21 months old and has a bottle before bedtime, other then that he uses a sippy cup, may sound silly but you could start using one and then in return he may use it, there are brands out there too that are similar to a bottle but have changing lids and spouts that the change as they go along. Or just stop one bottle a day at a time.. That's what I did, I took out all bottles except nap time and bed time and my son still has his bedtime one, I'm not worried about it, it works for us.

Gladys - posted on 05/23/2011




I pretty much did the same thng with my 3yo girl twins, took the bottles at 11mnths, tossed them, and after any meal they would drink out of one disposal plastic straw cup those toss and something cups they sell them at wal mart, target, everywhere

[deleted account]

Maybe try giving him soft nib sippys during the day - or sports-drink bottles..they worked for my daughter. or just try letting him have a sip out of your glass/cup regularly for a while to get him used to it (similar theory to letting them eat off your plate when going to solids). At the end of the day - taking the bottle for longer then 12months wont really hurt him so dont cause him (and yourself) too much stress trying to force the issue. He'll give them up eventually :)

Bridget - posted on 09/18/2010




Hi Nelly, there isn't a problem with bubs having a bottle later than a year - unless you are giving it to him in bed then it is a MAJOR problem as milk pools in their mouths and causes decay. My bub is also 15 months and used to have 2 bottles (morning and night) until today when we dropped the morning bottle. He is a great eater so this morning I gave him his toast with a straw sippy and he did pretty well. I am all for baby led everything so when he started drinking less of his morning bottle and wanting food instead that is when I gave up the morning bottle. My little man has no association with his bottles (eg. doesn't need them to fall asleep, etc) so it hasn't been a problem (so far) but he still can't manage to eat enough during the day to warrant getting rid of the last bottle so as not to wake up overnight.
When your bub is ready to give up his bottle he will until then let him have them!! As long as you clean his mouth out afterwards - either brush teeth, rub with clean cloth, give some cheese (helps clean their teeth) or flush his mouth with water, he will do just fine!!!
For now just keep leaving sippy cups around (with water) so he can get used to them. Then once he is using them for water start putting a little milk in them during the day (it took my little one a few months to accept milk in them) and then before you know it he will forget about wanting his bottles! Good luck!!

Michelle - posted on 09/18/2010




I have a son who is 20 months and takes a bottle for BED only. This has been the case since 11 months when I stopped nursing. At 16 months, Eli drank from a cup, 19 months was out of diapers, currently eats whole fruits and veggies, and the usual . . .runs, jumps, and donkey kicks. My point is that, just because your child takes a bottle doesn't mean that there is a problem! I would set limits to when and why he is taking a bottle ( do not supplement a bottle for food) but do not discontinue it b/c society says that he should give it up at a year. Really, a child continues the need to suck for two years plus. He is only a year and three months, let him have a bottle ! just make sure that it is not his main sourse of food, set some guidelines like it is only for nighttime. good luck, this too, will pass

Bethany - posted on 09/17/2010




My youngest is almost 3 and she still wants a bottle for bed. She doesn't want her milk in anything else. The good thing is, she's weaning herself off of it. She's going at her pace, and it helps her feel secure. I've just been trying to pick my fights. Bottle isn't one of them that's worth it.

Ashley - posted on 09/13/2010




my youngest didnt hand over the bottle til 15 months but she went right to the sippys with the straws because thats what her big sis uses they are only 18 months apart.. my youngest probly would still be on a bottle now at 16.5 months if she was a only kid dont rush it.. but try straws them seem to like them

Sherri - posted on 09/10/2010




My advice throw them away and may take a day or two of fits and he will take the sippy cup eventually or go straight to a regular cup. My son was drinking from a regular cup by 16mo's and sippy cups completely gone by 2yrs.

Alison - posted on 09/10/2010




Don't expect him to like it. Just get rid of the bottles. It's probably not a big deal if he uses his bottle for a few additional months. What is not so good is giving him what he wants after he throws a tantrum... rewarding a tantrum breeds more tantrums.

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i just weaned my daughter off her bottle. she had been using her sippy cups for a while, but only for water or juice, she wouldnt drink milk out of them. so i cut back her 5 bottles a day to 3, and gave her a cup of milk in the afternoon. she likes the straw cups, and i found ones that are like thermoses, so they keep the milk cold (or warm if you want) for hours. then after about a week i only gave her 2 (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon). she did really well with me cutting out her night bottle and drank the cup instead. then after a few days i took away her afternoon bottle. the hardest one to take away was her morning bottle, she would throw her cup and have a tantrum, but after a day or two she realised that she wasnt gonna get it, and now she just drinks out of her cups. i threw out all her nipples but stored the bottles in a bag in her closet for my next baby.
good luck with the weaning. just stay strong and it'll be over with quicker than you even realise! :)

Danielle - posted on 09/10/2010




does he have teeth yet? im not too familiar w this but the only things i can think if is that it might affect his teeth n pallet. does he drink through a straw? if so have u tried the sippy cups w the straws?

Valerie - posted on 09/10/2010




my son was the same way. he refused to use anything...what I did was threw out all his bottles, nothing with nipples or anything reminding him of a bottle...I introduced him to straws or just small cups. What I did was gave him snacks when he wanted his bottle. Fruit or crackers worked well and I would help him drink out a cup or out the straw. Repeating this helped in so many ways. I got him to eat more, got him to socialize with other who had a drink, helped while trying to potty train because he wasn't taken so many liquids in, and most of all to be a big boy and off the bottle. Hope this helps or brings ideas.

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