15 year old daughter hates step dad

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My 15 year old daughter hates her step father and now I feel like I am in the middle. She has not seen her biological dad since she was 3.(I have been with her step dad since she was 4). Because of this I guess you could say I over compensated for his not being there by giving her almost everything she needs and wants. At first she was disrespectful to her step dad but lately it's been toward me and her teachers. He becomes upset and yells at her because she walks all over me.I don't know what to do. Her step dad and I just separated because of this issue and it's killing me. I feel like I am in the middle having to choose one or the other. I love them both dearly.

Now she thinks I don't care about her and she has started cutting. I hate to see her doing this to herself. Any suggestions

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Family counseling would be in order, especially if she's inflicting self-injury. But Jackie, if she's cutting, there is a lot more going on. I too have a tendency to self-harm and that's indicative of a LOT of pain inside and she needs help. You can't help the past of spoiling her but you have to see now that indulging her has made all this worse. Please get profession aid, even I who hate therapy would do this if my child was cutting himself.

Kristy - posted on 02/18/2012




I would try counselling. It sounds as though shes really not happy and geting her help sooner rather then later will hopefully stop her from becoming really depressed and harming herself more. Good luck.

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