15 year old son is obsessed online with an 18 year old girl

Anne - posted on 05/08/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 15 year old is obsessed with gaining "internet girlfriends." His texting of an 18 year old girl is very graphic (especially from her end) and it scares me a bit. He is not allowed to have unsupervised internet time at home, but can at school (lunchroom computer) and when he spends 4 days a month at his dad's.

He suddenly is failing all of his classes in school and has newly found anger issues. He is out of control. He is quite emotionally immature for his age (a few years behind) and I worry about his exposure to an adult woman and graphic (S&M, violent sex) content in their conversations.

Anyone else dealing with this type of thing? My son is arguing 24/7 over not being allowed to use the internet and it is driving me nuts :)


Ev - posted on 05/09/2013




1. You and dad need to be on the same page and limit his internet use at both homes.

2. You need to go to the school and see what they are doing to keep kids from going to social web sites and such. Where my kids go to school, those are blocked from ALL COMPUTERS.

3. His actions and those of this so called 18 year old woman are illegal. How does he really know if she is 18 or 30? People lie all the time. He needs to know that this is going to get him in trouble as much as it will the woman. And this needs to stop.

4. You can always take the computer out of the home or even the internet.

YOU are the parent and he is the kid. His dad needs to get on board and help with this. And if your son is immature for his age then by all means do something now before it gets to the point he might even run off to meet this woman.

I would find out all I could about the woman and then call the police and tell them she is trying to get to your son who is under age.

As a mom, I always left the computer in the open so no one would be able to go to social networks without my seeing it. My ex usually did not allow the kids on the internet at all. My kids have learned to be responsible because I watched them and showed them by example. You need to do this too.

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