15 year old sons girlfriend's backround is different from us.

Mama Bear - posted on 11/18/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




15 year old son with a 14 year old GF. She is sweet and friendly. Bright red hair, slighly faded. has a sister 19, pregnant living at home with her. I think her parents are married. my son wants to go over to her house after school, unattended, He thinks we are control freaks and mean because we haven't met the parents and do not agree with the pregnant 19 year old hanging around. Help! The can come here all they want, I'm a stay at home mother....I even leave them alone (no shut doors, no bedroom)

Any suggestions? I plan to meet the parents but I already know they are very open people and may feel sorry for my son and let them fool around becasue "thats what teens do" Scared


Dove - posted on 11/19/2012




Left unattended.... I wouldn't do it.

If you haven't met the parents I think it is 100% judgmental and rude of you to make assumptions about them. Just because their ADULT daughter is pregnant does not mean they are going to let their 14 year old daughter fool around.

If your son and his girlfriend want to have sex.... they will find a way to do it no matter how much you think you are supervising. They go to school without you, correct? I know kids in middle school who have had sex in the bathroom.

NOT that I think you are wrong in any way, shape, or form for wanting to supervise. Just that supervision alone is no guarantee for anything.


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Mama Bear - posted on 11/19/2012




They are supervised here, they is no guarantee that will be the case elsewhere. Thanks for the advice.

Lisa - posted on 11/18/2012




Are you sure about how open they are? I mean a 19 year old is an adult. There is nothing wrong with 19 year olds having sex. Maybe they don't think the same about their 14 year old. Also just make sure that your son has had the talk because if him and his gf want to do it, they will find a place to.

D. - posted on 11/18/2012




I agree with you, those two should not be left unattended. I think you are generous with him having her over and you leaving them alone.

As to the pregnant older sister, I would not hold that against your son's girlfriend as a black mark against her. She may be a totally different person with a totally different mindset.

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