15 year old wild daughter

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I have a daughter that turned 15 in March. We found out in April that she has been making out with boys at school and on the bus. Then in July we found out she had stolen a cell phone that I use for emergencies and thought it was lost in the house somewhere. She was using it to call boys and sneak out of the house to have sex. We grounded her from all electronics. A month later we found out that she stole her great grandmother's cell phone and is calling guys again and one of her friends messaged me telling me that my daughter told her that she has tried to kill herself and she is doing Meth. I am not sure if it is true or not. My daughter has been caught telling so many lies that I am not sure if I would believe her if she said the sky was blue. She is mean and yells at her sisters. It breaks my heart because she is my daughter and I want so bad to believe her but then I find out she has lied to me since she was about 7. She is active in church, softball and some other Christian programs. She has been to about 5 different counselors/psychologists and they all release her after a short time. She knows how to play them and make them think she is miss sweetie. My husband works in a penitentiary and he honestly believes she has psychopathic tendencies. I am so worried for her. What can I do and who do I talk to?


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I would not recommend boot camp.

If you feel she's doing drugs, test her first. If you feel she's drinking, have her BAC checked a few times.

Get her on birth control. If she's having sex, you don't need to be grandparents yet. Let her know that you have been made aware of alleged actions by her friends, and that you would like clarification, and explanation. Meet each statement with a solution. If she says 'yes, I'm drinking', ask her why, and what needs to be done to change that behaviour. If she says 'yes I'm into drugs' again, ask her why, and take appropriate steps.

If she's talking to boys, etc, and the rule is no, enforce consequences for that.

You can't simply choose to send your kid to boot camp without investigating the alleged behaviours, and the root cause.

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Wait a minute!

Okay, so there is something going on behind the actions here. You're daughter must suffer from low self esteem and low self worth.

She's defiantly not feeling loved at home. I'm not saying it's anyone's fault but I was acting really bad at 15 as well-not having sex but I was going out to clubs and treating my mother really badly. I would act all confident in front of others but really I felt ugly, fat, stupid, etc. but I was not!

However, my household was a mess...this was the reason I was acting out. My mother was a single mother with no boundaries. I felt my brother was the favourite, my sister was a brat and my younger brother was a baby. We didn't have much money and I was embarrassed. I turned to anyone who would give me attention. Only that I was smart, no drugs, sex or alcohol...I let my friends do that.

All my friends that had happy households put school before everything, had family activities, and their parents put them in activities to keep them busy. Therefore, they
never had time to act out.

Boot camp won't do anything...you need to do something. Is your husband her father?
Reflect on your lifestyle and home environment and change it if that is the problem. It may not be the problem, but it's worth a try to reflect on it rather then just ignoring it and sending her away.

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Umm.. i dont know what area you're in but you can look it up on the internet


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I would love to put her in boot camp but where are they and how much does it cost?

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