15Months 2 to 1 nap how do u know ?!

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Dear all ,
My name is Lori and my husband and I live in Saudi arabia since my son is born . We moved here because of my husband s job . Well It is very hard not to be able of going out either due to high temperatures and as well a woman can't drive so we mainly spend time indoors ( visiting my friend or going to a mall playground..... YA :( ) as well here everything happens late so your day has to start not too early because your groceries and all are delayed to late afternoon so that's why our day ( son and I ) don't start very early so far we re always indoors ....

My son is 15 months old and bringing his four molars in the same time , well I know he was / is maybe in pain as he s biting everything and drooling like there s no tomorrow . Well it's been a long time when we were on the following schedule and he was actually Doing fine :

22:00-22:30 down for the night
7:45-8:00 bottle ( he wakes up crying or I used to just give it to him )
He would continue sleeping until 9:49-10:00
10:30 - breakfast
12:30 - snack a fruit usually
12:45-2:30 even 3:00 sometimes nap
3:00 lunch
5:15 snack and milk
5:45-7:30 nap
8:00 dinner
22:30-23:00 somtimes sleep

Well the past month let's say have been nights when he will wake up at around 3-4 and cry and cry being very hard to console him , I would massage his back and he wants to be carried and in an hour or so he would sleep . Lately I noticed somehow his naps arw getting shorter to an extend .
I tried today

9:30-10:00 wake up
10:30 breakfast
13:45 lunch
2:00 nap ( he napped just for 1h and 45 min )
4:00 milk
5:00 snack
8:00 dinner
22:00 bottle ( he refused to drink most of it )

What I can say about he previous schedule he didn't fight sleepoing in none of the times he would just sleep with the exceptional ocationally winings.

Regarding the new schedule , I feel he wakes up still sleepy and around 5-6 he gets so sleepy and rubs his eyes , yawns . I try distracting then at night before sleep he becomes hyper ( what happened tonight ) .

My questions are and plzzzzz help me !!!

1. What Programme is satisfactory with his age?

2. How Will I know how to change to one nap ? I do the move my own ? What's yhr system ?!

3. In our house we don't sleep early and don't wake late told U guys . So waking up morning 9:30-10:00 max Nd sleeping 22:00-23:00 is great .

5 . How many hours between meal and night sleep and how many hours between nap and sleep ! How many hours he should sleep ?!

I read as well that if he wakes up 9:00 should nap at 2:00 and sleep at 9:00

6. Isn't it too little he had one nap and very short ?! (1 h 39 min )

PLZ help me Decide!'n

Thank you !!

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