16 month old son not walking yet..??


Andrea - posted on 02/12/2014




Nope not at all.. Some walk very early at like 9 to 12 months and others can take up to 18 months before starting to walk..
My oldest is 6 now he walked at 12 months
My middle is 5 now she walked at 15 months
My youngest 13 months walked at 11 months..
It really just depends on the child.. My youngest wanted to keep up with his brother and sister so he started taking steps at 9 months but had to build confidence.. My oldest I turned around and he was off with out a sign.. My middle she just had to do it in her own time...
My best friends her 2 older boys walked at 18 months and her youngest started at 10 months.. Just all depends...
Hope this is helpful in some way... Best Wishes and Take Care...

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