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Moved out to be with her dad. Obviously I am heartbroken. She came over for dinner last night.. we were going to have her favorite dinner. She asked for her bedroom set and I said no.. where would he sleep when she sleeps over? She got so mad she was saying hurtful things and telling me that she is staying at her dad's forever. I said where would you sleep? she said in her sister's room (who is at college). I asked what about when she is home? She said she would sleep with her. I was very firm with my no, as I didn't want her to think she is control. She called her dad to pick her up because she was so bull, and the dinner I made for her... I couldn't even eat. Any advice?


Dove - posted on 11/07/2014




It's HER bedroom set. I think you are hurt that she wants to live w/ her dad and you are taking it out on her... and that is stupid. I pretty much had zero relationship w/ my mom from the time I was 16 until I became a mom at 25. She irritated me and I wanted nothing to do w/ her. Is that the kind of relationship you want w/ your daughter? Or do you want to love and support and help her even when she makes decisions you don't agree with, so that she knows she can still count on you when she needs you?

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