16 year old acts like 12 year old...is it normal?

Tallisha - posted on 02/12/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




my 16 year old is going to be in her final year of high school next year, but she seems to act younger. She doesnt hang out with kids her age(sorry I'm using iPad right now so it takes too long to type properly) and she hangs out with these tweens from the local middle school all the time. She listens to the same music as them, and the novels she reads are for the 5th grade-to-middle school aged preteens and young teens(12-14). Is it normal because I dont think she acts her age? Shes not being "inappropriate" and has suitable behavior but is it normal? i'm worried that it will affect her grades if she reads books that are too easy for her, and she has other similar tween-related interests such as the TV shows she watches, fashion, etc. She still watches also young children channels like Treehouse, Disney Junior, Knowledge Kids, etc. She barely uses social media because she says all her friends' parents won't let them have FB or twitter yet(they're all preteens 10-12) and she only uses it to text me and besides that a FEW of her middle school friends parents decided to let them have electronics...but not all of them do. DD texts them and I veiw them and they're all appropriate conversations. she's not interested in activities at school and Im getting worried.

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