16 year old baby girl went from sweet to tart dramatically

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I am 36 years old mother of 3 wonderful children I have 16 yr old girl and boy and girl twins whom are 7. I m an unwed single mother whom believed I was embracing my bad choices and supporting my children and even after thee abuse I have never used nor taken my children on as paychecks or weapons.My 16 yr old father and I were high school sweet hearts 7 years together split after my ggirl 2yr old because he became a very mean drunk I protected my daughter always she knew her dad loved her dad for what he was to her...her daddy. I have sacrificed my time by allowed her fathers family play games with me and almost competition as to trying to buy daughters love. Now today I can say I have felt worst pain ever.My 16 yr old girl left while I slept before work...(10pm-6am) left her brother and sister claimed brb..never came and now refused after all my love of her and fight even thri struggle she treating TWINS N I like we are not good enough acting as IF she's abused making up stories lieing on me! OUCH! twins dad not in thee picture at all no one on that side communication open just no one calls comes nothing. His lose.

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