16 Year Old Graduating Early

Joyce - posted on 08/07/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Got a bright 16 year old ready to graduate a year early--wanting to be a physical therapist and get her 6-7 year track started off. So far it is a go, but I am having some reluctant feelings and thoughts from the momma perspective. She is mature and prepared to face the challenge, but I might not be ready to let go. Thoughts and tips for the situation???


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Hi. This was me. when I was 16. I didn't get to do it. Don't get me wrong, i am TOTALLY happy with my life. TOTALLY. And I'm still VERY intelligent and mature :-) and successful but I STILL have problems relationally with my parents and extended family because I have this deep down feeling of resenting them for standing in my way. Ya know? You aren't going to lose her even if she goes onto college - in the States we consider this abnormal but in all other countries this happens all the time and high schoolers study abroad and stay gone to another continent for a whole year or more. your daughter has a very unique opportunity and it sounds like you know she is ready for it. it also sounds like you have a good relationship with her so work on making sure that just keeps getting better. you will get to be beside her as she flourishes and you will be there when things get really tough and she needs you. Standing in her way and holding her back or making her feel guilty are the things that may cause damage and may make you lose her. Letting go is tough.... i know but you are only letting go of a phase of dependency NOT letting go of your daughter and you are moving into the next phase in her development and in your relationship with each other. It is something to CELEBRATE and a time to shower her with all sorts of pride and love!


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