16 year old hates mom and wants to move in with dad

PillayP - posted on 05/14/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




We are totally confused adn shocked and have no idea how to handle our 16 year old. She came back from vacation with her dad and spend lots of time with his family. She insisted that she wants to live with him and will not study or get good grades until we let her. Her dads family have provded her with a cell phone as we grounded her and took away the phine she had. Now her dad has said we are not allowed to take the phone away and she will only use it for specifc tiems etcetc. However since we did not agree to let her go to her dad she does not eat at home, rude to her step dad and screams at us when we try to discuss a wayforward with her. She is encouraged by her dads family to make things unbearable at home so taht we let her move to them.
we attempted another discussion with her during which she yelled that we stay out of her life as we have both made her miserable and she just wants to leave.she lies all the time and slams things around because none of including her younger sibling are brave enough to say anything- we actually stay out of her way.
she is in the middle of her school year and her dad lives out of town but promised her he will move back. He has a history of empty promises and lying to them and never showing up. I generally have to pick up the pieces and they despise me for that.
i am terrified of letting her go as her dad and his family have never given education much imprtance in their lives - they chance life andhave been through many many mishaps. They liev a day at a time and the future is of less imprtance.

How do i handle this and do whats best for my child?

Please help!!!

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