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my 16yr old daughter ronda just had a baby, she turns 17 in december. the father to this child is 22, steals from my house, has 4 drug charges pending, she lets him sneak into my house, what can i do? I have a no tresspass warning on him by the police in town but have to work and sleep. i am single mother with 15yr old son, this man is destroying our life. I have no respect, my son fears him, ronda thinks she can do it on her own and treats me horrible. what can i do? I want her emancipated and let her do it on her own, but we live in florida and this doesnt seem possible. I love her but I am at my wits end. She does what she wants and she wont follow rules and its hurting, ruining her whole family.

The age of consent is 16 in florida, i have reported but i have no proof it was him. I am picking her up from Shands childrens hospital, problems with the baby born, congenital defect gastroschessis...somethng like that, but coming home in days. i want to give her ultimatum, i feel like a terrible mother, but i have my son too and she is jeopardizing this whole family with her boyfriend. I am so lost


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Michelle1544 - posted on 11/03/2012




Have you pressed charges on him for stealing from you? Can you get a restraining order and if/when you catch him call the police ( actually call them either way ) let your daughter know there are house rules and if she can't follow them , then when she turns 18 you'll have no choice but to put her out. But I would work very hard on repairing that relationship. Does she have a drug problem? If so get her in a rehab. Do you believe she's able to parent the child? Do you have concerns about the baby being taken care of properly? Have you tried to talk to this man about what kind of behavior you expect from him?

Sophia Marie - posted on 11/03/2012




I know its your child but ... you also have a 15 year old at home.... tell her if he comes back to your house before she is 18 you will have his ass put in jail for making her a mother. mean it as you say it. you cant your son live in fear...

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