16 year old repeating 9th grade twice

Kikai - posted on 07/29/2016 ( 7 moms have responded )




My 16 year old daughter has been doing virtual school since she was starting 9th grade and now she should be in 11th. The first year she did virtual school she did not complete even 25% of her 6 courses due to a loss of a friend she said. We did not make her finish that year and said she could do 2 years in one year this year on virtual school again. This year she did 50% of her work very fast and then just stopped. We have moved overseas and her school starts in a week. She still is not done with 9th grade online and we made a deal that if she finishes she can go to school and do 10th grade but she has not even finished the other half of 9th grade. My husband does not want to pay for her schooling if she doesn't finish and we do not want her staying home to do virtual school again. She is a very smart girl and we just do not know what to do anymore. We can tell she is becoming depressed and we are sad that she can't be on her phone or hang out with friends but at this point we are fed up.


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"we are sad that she can't be on her phone".///

This tells me that this child has probably not ever had many consequences for things.

Personally, I'm HAPPY when my kids couldn't be on their phones, because then they were paying attention to reality.

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Ok, so you are willing to essentially let your daughter fail at school and not have her high school education. You as the parents need to participate actively and daily in her school work if you expect her to succeed. OR solve the problems and send her to school outside of the home.

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I would be sending her to school but doing 9th grade since she hasn't finished it.
You obviously don't have the time to be making sure she is doing her work so it sounds like she needs to be in the classroom.


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She's already demonstrated that she cannot pull off online school.

Put her in an actual school building with other humans, and tell her she shot her wad on the online school by not completing things in a timely manner.

Although I wonder how she was able to blow off assignments if working under your supervision at home?

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All I can do is offer my input. My daughter's did 9th grade last year at public, in person school. Academically they did well enough, but they HATED it.... and missed about as much school as they could. This year for 10th they are doing another schooling option... most of it is online. They know that if they do not do academically as well or better this year than last... for 11th grade they will go back to the public school that they hate... period. I will not be putting in more time and effort for them to do this other school option to have them not working at the best of their abilities.

I do not know why she is doing virtual school instead of face to face... but you have given her the option to fail w/out instilling strict enough consequences. The very first time she missed an assignment deadline she should have lost ALL of her privileges entirely until she was caught up... and even ahead.

Sarah - posted on 07/29/2016




Why is virtual schooling the option chosen in the first place? She is obviously not invested in completing the online courses. Get her back in a classroom setting. If you don't act soon, you will have an 18yo with an 8th grade education; what future to you see for her then?

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