16 year old son wants to visit his long distant girlfriend

Kimi - posted on 02/22/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I really would like some input on this upcoming situation that I am not sure what to do. First of all my son is not into drugs, sex, gangs, etc. He is a responsible 16 year old with values and wants to pursue a career in the sports medicine field. He does relatively well in school and he has friends there. He works out after school in a gym daily. He is very health conscious and eats well and loves to work out in the gym. So why am I writing?

He is 16 and inexperienced with relationships with girls. He had a girlfriend at school but it didn't last long because his girlfriend was letting her studies slide and her parents wanted her to concentrate on her studies . So now he has a new girlfriend, whom he knew when she lived here during his elementary school years and went to the same school as he did. She lives in South Carolina and he wants to visit her this summer for one month.

I have concerns because I never met her and her parents. He has been keeping in touch with her through the internet for months and they skype. Her parents have no problem having him visit for a month but I think that is too long. Also because she is just 15 and he is 16, I am concerned about hormonal desires should that get in the way. He says he has respect for her and her parents never to have sex and wants to wait until marriage but that being said, they are typical teenagers with typical desires and not sure they could be trusted to not do so.

I am not crazy about the long distant relationship but I want to respect my son's wish to see his girlfriend. I know if I say no, he would be very unhappy and feel that I am not supporting him on the one issue that means the most to him. It could be a big issue should he not be allowed to see her. I offered to let her come visit him here but frankly, we don't have enough room (two bedrooms) for guests. Not sure what to do or if he should go and visit her, just allow him to stay for two weeks instead of a month which her mother says is fine with her. Can you offer me some advice? Thank you.

Kimi Crescenzo


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