16 year old son with AS is having trouble fitting in at school

Magda - posted on 07/21/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is going to be a junior in high school this fall, and has been doing ok in his classes, however, he is still struggling to make friends, especially in his marching band class. He says he feels he's already messed up and that people have already made up their minds about him. Open to any suggestions/advice. Thanks in advance!


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Is he on medications? in counseling and therapy? A lot of aspberger's kids benefit from therapy, which helps them handle social situations.
It kind of surprises me about the band kids, though...usually that group is widely accepting, because all 'music geeks' are quirky anyway! I only know because I was the proverbial music geek growing up, and in our group, it didn't matter how strange, quirky, or otherwise you were...it just made the group shine!
High school is tough no matter what, and we, ourselves are proof that one can survive, but its hard to help your kids with it sometimes!
Oh...one suggestion is that he start volunteering, either with the band (help director with setup/teardown, etc, or with other organizations. My aspie's son really found his niche when he started volunteering at a local museum...he could harness that 'strange' part and turn it into a showman.
When he finds something he really is comfortable with, he'll shine

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