16 year old will graduate next year wants to join Army

STEPHANIE - posted on 12/10/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




my 16 year old graduates next year and wants to join the Army. He has been in the ROTC for 3 years now and loves it. He is such a joy and I am blessed to have him and when I think about him leaving I just freak out crying. I know it's his life to live but I can't imagine him leaving and me not know where he is; or not be able to see him everyday. I began having migraines from the stress and high blood pressure that I take medicine for. I still have him at home right now and I am already having panic attacks what will it be like when he actually walks across the stage for the diploma, or packs his bags to leave for boot camp? Will I be able to handle it? I have a 12 year old and wonder what kind of mother I will be to him when I know I can't handle just the thought of it now. My husband says I'm crazy and really doesn't know how he will handle me. Does it get easier ever?


Raye - posted on 12/10/2015




Hopefully, you have raised your son to be a responsible, independent adult. Eventually you know your children have to go into the world and make their own way in life. Be supportive of him, and he will keep in contact with you as much as he can. When first going into boot camp, they are not allowed to contact their family. They need to be focused on their assignments. You will miss him, and that's normal. You can survive.

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