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Dove - posted on 01/01/2014




First of all... I am not anti-spanking, but spanking her because she is conflicted between two different caregivers is cruel. It is not her fault that your sister lets her get away w/ stuff.. especially when you let it happen right in front of you. Your daughter is probably getting VERY confused which will cause her to test the limits even more.. It is ok for you to expect your daughter to obey your rules, but toddlers are supposed to be testing the limits under the best of circumstances. You need to be consistent w/ her. Firm, but gentle guidance, consistent boundaries, distraction, redirection (less focus on what she can't do, more focus on what she CAN), and time out in extreme cases.

Otherwise you are punishing her for a situation that is essentially 'your' fault... and that isn't reasonable.

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you will be able to. Right now she has two different people to listen to. Once it is down to you, and those that enforce your rules you should be fine. Maybe get a "loan" off someone so you don't have to stay 2 months? Maybe one more month instead.

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