17 month old Not Eating Solids or Regular Milk: My daughter is exclusively breastfed. She has lots of issues regarding eating. I must say phobia actually. She got sick around 6 months or so doctros gave her some antibiotics since then she doesn't want anything but the breastmilk. I have given her rice cereal before she got sick n she also used to take formula as well. Right after getting sick she just didn't want anything i mean no cereal no formula at all. I thought she is still sick but she would started eating after a while. Now she is close to 17 months she doesn't want to drink water, regular milk or any solids. When she got sick, she also had some symptoms for acid reflux. So she has been on prevacid since then. She wouldn't even drink breastmilk properly. She would start nursing and would like to go away after 30 seconds or so. Her diapers are just 3-4 in 24 hrs n not actually fully wet. We have even gone to Gastroenterologist. He suggested to put her on feeding tube.. But her pediatrician says that she is wise enough that she would pull that tube. She is constipated all the time. I have tried Miralax and so many times we have given her enema and suppository. Giving her a spoon of water is a challenge for us. I have tried to feed her food and water by distracting like playing some videos, putiing toys on high chair, n playing with her. She would take few tiny bites but would run away as soon as she realizes i m trying to feed her. 3-4 months back her pediatrician was not concerned about her as she was putting on weight but i kept telling her that she doesn't have wet diapers n she is constipated all the time. But now she is even loosing weight. I have even tried force feeding her. But nothing is helping here. If she would be drinking breastmilk properly i wouldn't be worried. She wouldn't even drink breastmilk for 7 hours or so and won't even ask for solids. I really need advise.. Please help


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Pari - posted on 02/06/2013




Jodi & Holly: thanks for replying.. yeah i did talk to her doctor so many times.. her doctor says that she is putting on weight.. that was 3 mnths back.. she also advised to stop breastfeeding her.. even i tried that i won't breast feed her for 6-7 hours she won't still take any solids or water.. i had feeding therapist coming for 6 months at home from DDI vantage that didn't even help..therapist says that is her behavioral issue..i will talk to her doctor again... thanks

Holly - posted on 02/06/2013




pari, i wish i was able to help you with this, unfortunetly as jodi stated, not likely anyone hear would be able to. you need to take her to a developmental specialist. also as jodi stated, she is getting alot of nutrients from your milk... but not everything she needs. I also can't imagine she is getting full from your milk alone at this age

Jodi - posted on 02/06/2013




Have you discussed this with her doctor? Unfortunately, this isn't something that is an everyday issue that ladies here could probably help you with. It sounds like medical intervention is needed here. By not eating much needed solids, your daughter will not be getting the vitamins and minerals she needs and could be ultimately suffering long term and permanent developmental delays. While your breastmilk is providing some of her nutrition, it certainly isn't giving her everything she needs.

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