17 month old throwing tantrums

Hayley - posted on 08/16/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 17 month old little guy is throwing a lot of tantrums. I have tried to district him with something else. I have also tried to ignore and he walks over to me and throws himself on my feet. My first child and really need some tips how to make the terrible twos a smoother transition.


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I learned quickly that a firm "that's enough" and a redirect worked well.

If it was really bad, a quick pop on the diaper to get attention, and the "that's absolutely enough".

And I would patiently explain that when they calmed themselves we could discuss the situation.

Chet - posted on 08/16/2013




If he's really throwing a lot you could start keeping a diary to see if he has triggers.... over tired, hungry, certain foods, difficult with transitions, overly stimulating environments, etc. One of our kids screamed for pretty much six months solid when she was two. We eventually figured out that she was horribly sleep deprived. Our first only had meltdowns when her blood sugar was low. We could reliably stop a freak out by giving her a quarter cup of fruit juice or a soda cracker. Some kids can be distracted out of a tantrum other can't. Sometimes it's frustration and it gets better as their communication skill improve. If you can figure out what causes his tantrums and avoid those situations that's usually better than trying to stop a tantrum once he starts. I don't mean giving in the requests for candy or anything - just recognizing what will make him too tired or hungry or overstimulated to cope. If he tantrums at the cash every time he sees chocolate bars avoid the grocery store for awhile kind of thing or shop with dad who can take him out to the car when it's time to pay.

Claire - posted on 08/16/2013




He is just growing up, deep breath. When he decides to throw a paddy, stop the fun and take charge. He will start seeing you mean it. My boy only had a few, throwing himself down and screaming. Dont think anyone is judging you, when you are firm with him. He may cry for longer, but you will win. Giving him something else, only feeds into him. If your in the house clean something , just no fun. Turn off, youbwill notice he is very confused, he has been doind this for a bit and thinks hes got you where he can cry. You can nip this quite quickly. Goodluck


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