17 month old throws tantrums please help


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Ev - posted on 08/18/2013




It is normal for a child to toss a tantrum at this age. First, their language skills are not developed enough to tell you what they need or want. Second, language is going to be difficult for a while as they are still learning the words and how to say them. Third, this is also how they start to force your hand where the boundries lie and what you will do if they do not follow through with what you want them to do. Fourth, this will go on until they get in to grade school but will get less and less as they get older.

Keep firm. When you say no, mean it. Redirect them to another activity or toy. Praise them when they follow through with desired behavior or actions. NEVER BRIBE (they will expect it every time). Make a set of rules that are easy for this age to follow. Get them to help do things around the house like pick up toys and put them away, help put up simple things, help with simple chores, and teach them how to do new ones but always keep it fun. You are not going to get cooperation every time but this should help you to teach your child what will be expected of him or her and when they get older they will be able to handle the new expectations too.

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