17 weeks 5 days feeling baby kicks

Anthonysmom - posted on 04/22/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I've been definitely feeling my babies movements since 13 weeks and I would describe them as , starting as bubbly popping sensation and like butterflies literally flapping their wings around so to say... in my uterus area... and i also sometimes get the skretching very sharp pain that last a few seconds and goes from pelvic area to right below belly button...

and if I lay down at night I would use the bright flash light from my camera phone and press it against my uterus area were ever I may feel the baby at that time , And when I would this I would gently press the area with my other free hand and when that light hit's him for the first time he went bonkers swooshing from that area to another as if follow with the light lol i was so happy and excited feeling those movements he was running from the light like no wat is that coming after me lol.... I actually was recording while doing this and even got noises of him moving around in there and, I was actually 15 weeks wen I first tried this trick to get him moving I also drank orange juice before doing this because I hear it helps get baby active I'm pretty sure it helped though.. but as I hit 17 weeks the kicks feel more like pops and like there are a thousand butterflies flying around in my uterus area .

I say uterus area not to confuse others with the stomach area .. because you will not feel kick in stomach area in early pregnancy . But as uterus rises farther in pregnant you may get high up kicks in stomach area.. I also noticed wen my baby moves up kinda under or below belly button my.. belly button starts to kinda collapse inward and then it like waves up and down not even in the same rhythm as my heart beat or pulse so to say... it only happens wen my baby it in that area I also recorded this as well .. I am about 5'2 134 lbs and my belly has a little pouch so far .. I can tell I am pregnant because I had no stomach at all .. but others can't tell yet at least I think they can't lol... you have to really be paying attention because baby moves around all the time only they still are small and depending on the position of placenta you may or may not feel baby moving til later in pregnant. .

I truly Hope this helps someone ... i wish you and myself .. all well and true happiness with your little precious gifts. .thanks for reading

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