17 year old son and custody

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In february we found out that my 17 year old sons girlfriend was pregnant. After a ton of drama with her mom she is now living with us. Though she and her mom don't have a great relationship she still sees her and talks to her mom. Her mom what's her to live with her after the bay is born but she doesn't want to. I guess my question is as the father, my son, does he have any rights or say so in the custody of the baby after its born? And as grandparents is there anything we can do?


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Absolutely he has rights. He's the father and has just as much of a right to a relationship with his child as the mother does. If the girlfriend gets convinced by the mother it may need to go to court, but hopefully the parents of this baby can work together for the sake of the child and leave the grandparents as additional support people.... not the decision makers.

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your son has every right for custody. his gf is almost an adult (where im from you can choose where you live from age 16, so check out what your common laws are) and therefore can not be forced to live with her mother if she doesnt want to. Your son's gf needs to decide where she wants to live and make that clear. If she moves back with her mother, your son and his gf will need to work out custody between them (or in court if need be). As grandparents you play an important role in a child's life and are also entitled to partial custody (visitation) if his gf leaves and you are stopped from seeing the baby. Get some legal advice so you know where you stand (take your son with you) and go from there. good luck


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