18 month old eating wooden crib!!!

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My daughter and I are in need of some serious help. My 18month old granddaughter has been chewing on the sides of her crib for several months now. We've tried many many things to stop this but she finds a way to remove whatever we use (gummi rail cover, felt fabric, etc)
We are looking into moving her into a toddler bed since her crib is so damaged from her chewing and pulling off huge pieces of the wood off.... Yes, it's as scary as it sounds...
Our question is: Moms that have had trouble with chewing toddlers like this, when moved to a wooden toddler bed did your child continue the chewing on the new bed? We are having trouble finding an affordable metal frame toddler bed or even finding one at all. She's definitely ready for a toddler bed so the transition won't be an issue.

Bottom line: We are wondering if she's gonna chew on the side of the toddler bed too once we move her to it? If not, we can make our search for a bed much simpler by being able to choose a wooden frame.


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I'll tackle the chewing first (My 13 month old is a chewer, not that bad but I do have some strategies that I use that might help):

One strategy I am using as his teeth come through is chew toys, an old trick tried and true. It sounds like those teeth are probably hurting a bit and she's reacting by chewing on everything.

I use them with my boy and actually put them in the fridge before he gets 'em. He puts them in his mouth, chews 'em, drool everywhere but stops complaining.

Another strategy I am using is to brush his teeth with a baby/toddler safe toothbrush and toothpaste for his age group 0-6 years. It does seem to help.

Where I can, I train him to use a pillow when he sleeps for the added comfort as teething does give him headaches. If he stays on it (he's a roller big time) then I can usually get a full nights sleep. If no additional teeth are coming through.

Those are some strategies I use with my little chewer so I hope that helps.

As to the bed, I think that really the only way you will find out if your toddler chews on it is to try her in the bed, see what happens and take it from there. The concern is that with wood, you do get splinters which could go into the mouth. The metal frame would cool the teeth, easing the sore, irritability of the teeth but the danger therein of course is toddler walking in bed and hitting a body part on the frame.

I think it sounds like you literally have to experiment with the bed a bit and see how it goes and go with what works best.

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