18 month old stopped nursing and refuses naps

Danielle - posted on 07/11/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 18 month old is going through a midlife crisis of some kind, I think. She completely stopped nursing cold turkey last week when she caught a cold. Every time she tried to latch she would gag and choke and that was the last of it. Now, before she stopped nursing, naptime was SUCH a breeze. She would nurse and lay down and go right to sleep. Now, she wants to go all day without a nap. She has a huge temper tantrum any and every time I try to give her a nap. I know I need some kind of transition to sleepy time but I don't know what to do.
I also think there is another cause....
I have to confess that I made a big mistake. My daughter has become absolutely obsessed with TV (Barney and Sesame Street are the only shows she watches) and I think it is that, not the nursing, that is causing her restlessness. I think she wants to stay awake and watch Barney instead of napping. It is to the point where the TV has to be on all day while shes awake. When the episode is over she starts saying "Uh-oh!" and brings the remote to whoever is around. (she does play and interact while it's on, she isn't a zombie just staring at it constantly.) I think the reason this started is because she is the kind of toddler who gets into everything every five seconds. Nobody in my family can handle babysitting. I am working and going to college so I have to leave her with others a lot and the only way they can cope with her is to give her what she wants. I know this is becoming a huge problem and I really need some advice. Please respond with any advice or just telling me what you do with your 18 month old during the day besides television because I need to figure out how to stop this from getting any worse.

I also just needed to vent ! So please be kind, I am just looking for support here, not criticism. I know that TV is bad for development and it wasn't my plan to get her watching it. In fact, for the past year I have done nothing but tell my family not to purchase her movies or put TV on for her.. but it happened anyway. >.


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As for her stopping the nursing, she may be done with it and if she has a stuffed nose or cold, that will make it hard for her to latch on. I would either pump the breast milk and give it in a cup or slowly work on switching her to another form of milk be it cow's milk or soy or almond. As for her not napping, its normal for her to push the buttons and try the bounds you have set for her. She is testing you. When she is with others, it sounds like they do not want to try to do what really needs done for her. You need to just take the TV away totally. You need to start to enforce the rules you have set for her and if she does not nap, she may be outgrowing them too. With the others who watch her tell them that there is no more TV or letting her have her way and what you want done for those things. If they can not do that then it may be time to put her in some kind of child care where they have a set routine, no TV time, and naptime too.

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