18, pregnant and scared ! first step?

Cheyenne - posted on 09/03/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




well i just found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant and im still in denial! my boyfriend is supportive/kinda but i can tell hes scared and stressed. i dont even know ehre to start thankfully my mom is so supportive and helpfull, but as of now im clueless and advice? programs things i need to know about ? websites?


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Tanya - posted on 09/03/2013




No matter how old you are, you're scared.

I am 29 and just had a baby 4 months ago... I was just as clueless as you. I read everything, took prenatal classes with my husband, advices... and it's still hard. Your never going to be ready.

Go with the flow and enjoy it. You have your mom for support. Every step will have a challenge.

Read, go to prenatal classes (it's fun, you meet other couples).

Michelle - posted on 09/03/2013




Read books, get into some prenatal care and ask all the questions you want from the doctors/midwives or whoever is looking after you. Read books. "What to expect when you're expecting" is a good one.

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